Laundry Loops® FAQs

What makes Laundry Loops® so efficient?

Laundry Loops® allow clothes to wash and dry as if they were loose, but stay sorted throughout the laundry process. This eliminates the need to sort garments as they come out of the dryer, minimizing lost items. Compared to the mesh bag method, Laundry Loops® allow clothes to get thoroughly clean and cut drying time, energy consumption and utility costs in half. Our patented Sock Snare is the only efficient means available to secure multiple socks of varied thicknesses throughout the laundry process.
Are Laundry Loops® right for me?With our 6,000+ satisfied customers, during our 25+ years of business, we know that Laundry Loops® are right for many, many people and situations. But only YOU can determine if Laundry Loops® are suitable for your particular application.How do Laundry Loops® secure socks?Just slide the Sock Snare's cord lock all the way toward the webbing (away from the cord's knot). Then unfurl and lay socks (1-3 pairs) inside the loop of cording. Finally, slide the cord lock toward the knot, snugly against the socks. Make sure it's tight; the cord lock will not move during the laundry process. By the way, this procedure also works great for other small items, such as gloves, caps, etc.How do I mark identification information on Laundry Loops®?We sew a 4.5" long white polyester label onto each Laundry Loop®. Most of this label is blank, where you can write your ID information (locker number, jersey number, name, etc.) with a permanent marker. Most of our customers use a fine point black Sharpie Extreme marker or fine point black Uni-Paint pen. And some of our customers write ID numbers directly on the Laundry Loop® buckle, using a fine point silver Sharpie or a fine point white Uni-Paint pen.Will the Laundry Loops® withstand hot water and "high" dryer settings?Yes! Laundry Loops® are made of the highest quality components available anywhere . . . and they’re assembled in the USA of all USA manufactured components. The heavyweight polypropylene webbing is strong and resists shrinking. All the hardware resists water absorption while maintaining extremely high “softening” or “melting” points . . . at least 100°F ABOVE the “High” setting of commercial dryers. And on top of all this, we test all components thoroughly ourselves, under extreme conditions, constantly verifying the quality and durability of our Laundry Loops®.Can I use chlorine bleach in a load containing Laundry Loops®?We do not recommend using Laundry Loops® in washer loads containing chlorine bleach. Alternative laundry products such as oxygen bleach should work just fine. Just be sure to run a test load before using Laundry Loops® with your garments.Where can I purchase Laundry Loops®?Right here! For 25+ years we have sold our Laundry Loops® directly to our 6,000+ customers. This allows us to offer each customer our best price.Can I get a price quote prior to placing an order?Yes! Just be sure to click the "Price Quote Only" button (NOT the "Proceed to Billing" button), after providing your shipping address and selecting your shipping method.How do Laundry Loops® work?It's easy! Just open the side-release buckle and thread the Laundry Loop® through the openings of clothes to be laundered. Most customers go through the arm and neck openings–or neck and waist openings– of shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets; and through the leg and waist of shorts and pants (or through a couple of belt loops, when available). Then click the buckle closed.Which should I buy-the ORIGINAL Laundry Loop® or the Laundry Loop® PLUS?Most of our customers are happy using the ORIGINAL Laundry Loop®. Clothes clean and dry efficiently. Some customers, mostly those who provide laundry service less frequently than every day, prefer the extra length and added Sock Snare of the Laundry Loop® PLUS. An increase in tangling of clothing might occur using the Laundry Loop® PLUS. Occasionally grasping Loops and shaking to loosen the garments, when transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, minimizes tangling.Can I put Laundry Loops®, loaded with clothing, right into the washer and dryer?Yes! That's exactly where they are intended to go.Why would I want to use multiple colors of Laundry Loops®?To efficiently get the right clothing back to the right individuals, many customers like to "color-code" their Laundry Loops®. Using a unique color for each person, each team, each wall of a locker room, or maybe each building in a facility complex, helps insure that the clothing gets back quickly to the right people.Will the colors of the Laundry Loops® bleed onto my clothing?No! The color is introduced into the polypropylene webbing during the extrusion process of its manufacture . . . not bath-dyed afterward. This results in colorfast webbing. Then we run our own extreme tests to be certain that the color does not bleed. However, some water supplies can contain unusually high amounts of chlorine. Therefore we recommend that customers wash and dry all colored Laundry Loops® once, prior to initially using them with garments.Why aren't Laundry Loops® recommended for at-home use?To achieve maximum effciency, Laundry Loops® require the ample capacity of commercial-size dryers. In residential laundry equipment, clothing on Laundry Loops® will get clean, but probably require additional time for thorough dryness.Can I have Laundry Loops® shipped to a foreign country?Of course you can! We are proud to say that our Laundry Loops® are used all over the world.What is the Laundry Loops® warranty?Laundry Loops® Inc. hereby warrants their products against any and all defects in materials and/or workmanship. Please inspect your order immediately. All claims regarding defects must be made within five (5) business days following customer's receipt of goods. No merchandise will be accepted for exchange, refund, or credit without prior Return Authorization from Laundry Loops® Inc.